Asbestos Management:


In order to have an effective asbestos management programme, it is necessary to establish clear lines of responsibility for the programme’s management and implementation. A survey of the premises must be undertaken to locate and assess the Asbestos Containing Materials. The results of the survey must be recorded in an easily retrievable format, which can then be used to make a risk assessment and draw up a management plan.


During initial discussions as to the type of survey you require, the result format can be decided upon to assist you in ensuring that the results comply with the regulations and that all information is readily available and easy to understand.


Further 6 monthly or annual inspections can then be planned in order to maintain the management plan and record any changes to the condition or environment of any located asbestos.


Your report can be used as a site register for Asbestos Containing Materials and must be made available to those who are likely to disturb the asbestos during proposed works. If the asbestos is in poor condition, and cannot be managed safely, then we will tell you.


We can assist you with your Risk Assessment and Management of Asbestos Containing Materials found throughout the site. Successful management of Asbestos Containing Materials is based on the effective identification, inspection and the implementation of an effective management programme. Working alongside your own staff, we can review your existing management plan and risk assessment and update your records with any noted deterioration, or further asbestos which has been revealed since the original survey.