Who are we?

The company was initially formed by Ian Chew in late 2003 to cope with the ever increasing demand for surveys, advice and general health and safety questions relating to all forms of asbestos, its dangers, management and where required, removal. Ian worked for over 5 years as Operations Manager and Health and Safety Manager for a large demolition company and during this time became qualified under the British Institute of Occupational Hygiene (P402) to carry out surveys and bulk sampling of materials hazardous to health (using the H.S.E. guidance HSG264) He was also Health and Safety Manager for their asbestos removal company and was instrumental in them obtaining a full H.S.E. approved 3 year asbestos removal contractors licence.


Asbestos - The Facts

Since the 1960's over 6,000,000 tons of raw asbestos has been imported into the UK and this found its way into around 3000 different products in both domestic and commercial situations. The government, once the dangers were known, decided to steadily restrict the importation and use of asbestos and today, it is almost totally banned from being used in any product and all previous usage is steadily being surveyed, logged and where required, removed. The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 were introduced in November 2002 to further ensure that instances of asbestos were to be located and registered. This would avoid the unnecessary disturbance of asbestos materials during routine maintenance of buildings and / or equipment. The regulations have been modified over the years and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 now cover almost everything concerned with Asbestos.


Asbestos in the Home

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to provide information about asbestos in the home, many lenders are putting a hold on transactions until asbestos reports have been produced. If you are planning to sell your home or move to a new one, we can provide a full asbestos survey for you so that you may proceed with your move in full knowledge of what may or may not be present.


We can assure you that you will receive a complete, professional and yet personal service and that your company will benefit from the knowledge we have gained over the years whilst dealing with asbestos.