Asbestos - Where might you find it?

Asbestos has found its way into over 3000 different products that have been used in the UK, mainly in products used in the building industry. There are obvious ones such as asbestos cement roof sheets, and not so well known ones like 'Eternit' window cills.


The following are the most common places where asbestos can be found:

Sprayed Coatings on steelwork, concrete, walls and ceilings.

Insulation on boilers, pipes and ducts.

Insulation Board in partitions, fire breaks and ceiling tiles.

Cement products - wall and roof sheeting, tiles, water tanks, gutters and pipes.

Within decorative plaster finishes.

Within vinyl floor tiles.


Asbestos Snow







The 'snow' in the Wizard of Oz film was asbestos.


Asbestos Curtain

Many old theatres had asbestos fire curtains.


Asbestos Advert

Prior to 9/11, the world trade centre prided itself on containing asbestos, since then there have been many debates as to where all the asbestos went when they collapsed.