Types of surveys:



There are 2 types of survey that we can carry out:

1. Management (Former Type 2): Sampling, identification & assessment survey

2. Pre Demolition / Refurbishment (Former Type 3): Fully intrusive survey. Full access & identification survey

All our Surveys and sampling techniques for suspect Asbestos Containing Materials are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive guidance document ‘HSG264’. All samples obtained are sent to an independent, UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis and our surveyors are accredited by the British Institute of Occupational Hygienists for all types of asbestos surveys.


On completion of your survey, you will receive a  full colour report which will include digital pictures and site plans. The report will list all areas suspected of containing asbestos and independent laboratory certificates of all samples obtained. An initial risk assessment will be made, this will be based on the results and using a scoring system in line with the requirements of HSG264.

 Your report can be used as a site register for Asbestos Containing Materials and must be made available to those who are likely to disturb the asbestos during proposed works. If the asbestos is in poor condition, and cannot be managed safely, then we will tell you.


It is our experience that some companies are reluctant to adopt the new regulations because they believe that if they find asbestos they will be forced to spend a fortune on removing it. Those companies are misinformed. The new regulations introduce a duty to manage not a duty to remove. It will only need to be removed if it is damaged beyond management.


The possible results of not taking action –

H.S.E. Inspectors have the power to issue prohibition notices closing areas or entire sites.

Companies can be fined an unlimited amount and individuals 20,000

Responsible individuals can be imprisoned for up to 2 years.

Directors can be disqualified.